Who, few step stones on my path...

My name is Manu Akshobhia


Born in Belgium in 1973, studied Western Philosophy in University, trained to become a philosophy and ethics teacher. After my study, I got involved in University researches on Sustainable development and communication. During my studies, I  got more and more called to immerse myself completely in the spiritual path.


Since 1993, I have been exploring spirituality with the help of various teachers from diverse traditions, roaring around the planet to receive teachings and to teach. I spent most of my time from 2000 to 2015  in Thailand and India to deepen this quest.


Amongst others, here are some of the main influences and teachers : 

- From 1995 to 2000, practicing various forms of Yoga (Sivananda, Hatha, Kundalini) and Buddhist meditation practice (Zen Buddhism with Claude Laurent, a Belgian Zen Master and Goenka Vipassana). I did the Sivananda  yoga TTC in India.



- since 2001, intensive training and teaching with Agama Yoga, directed by Swami Vivekananda. I'm a 'senior teacher' in Agama Yoga and co-founder of Agama Yoga Dharamsala, in India, where I taught intensively for 7 consecutive spring. I also joined many retreats with Sahajananda, founder of Hridaya Yoga (a sister school of Agama). 




- since 2006, intensive trainings and sadhanas in the right hand tantric ritual practices with the direct guidance of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar (a tantric Master from Maharashtra, the center of India), a deep and long immersion in the core of the Indian tantric tradition. We have been  organising many important Pujas together (Spiritual pilgrimages) with up to 100 people coming to attend these intense transformation processes in many important spiritual places all over India. These pujas include intensive mantras practice, fire ceremonies (yagnas), various rituals of purifications using many herbs to cover the body (samskars), the use of the power of the sacred sites of Indian history to amplify the effects, etc. 



- since 2007, attending teachings and receiving initiations in Tibetan Buddhist practices with various teachers mostly in Dharamsala, India, Chomtrul Rimpoche, Dalai Lama, Karmapa.



- since 2009, I dedicate myself to follow eagerly the teaching of the Saccha lineage of Maharaji and the Path of the Heart of Prem baba (direct disciple of Maharaji). The approach of the path of the heart and the movement of Awaken Love explores the connection between spirituality and psychology. It works on awakening the Heart, the healing power of love, by recognising our false identifications, embracing the shadow part of ourselves and progressively healing from our sense of separation (for more info about Prem Baba, click here). 



These are few of the main step stones on my path, I also met and been deeply touched by the teachings of Mooji, Amma, Dolano, Goenka, Daniel Odier,  Bettina Baumer, Orush Baba, among others. I'm always eager to open and tune in with new expressions of Truth. I'm eternally grateful of the chance I had to have met so many genuine masters and teachings from different traditions.


The main tread that guided me trough this quest is the work on purifying and harmonizing the Heart, how to open deeply to spiritually and at the same time become a better human being.


I have been teaching intensive yoga and meditation programs: 3 months Yoga Teacher training courses, tantric and other forms of intensive workshops (2-7 days), meditation silent retreats (3-10 days) in various countries: India, Thailand, Holland, Belgium, France, Swizterland, Spain, Turkey, Canada, (for more info about the various workshops, retreats click here.)