Yoga Spanda, Tantra of the Heart

Open up to creativity, beauty, spontaneity, nature, consciousness and bliss.

What is Yoga Spanda ? 


A path of healing, of relaxation, of reconnection, a call to explore consciousness, to immerse ourselves into presence.



In order to create the best conditions for this immersion to take place, we use different tools: gentle Hatha Yoga with the main focus on relaxation and freeing the body, the energy flows, the chakras, the emotions, the mind. And we use also Yoga Nidra, sitting and walking meditation, visualisation, spontaneous movements, music, sounds, symbols, mantras, yantras, yagna (Fire ceremony), small lectures and others. These tools are selected according to  the needs of the participants and the themes of the workshops / retreats.


Sanskrit meaning: Yoga means union, Spanda can be translated as vibration, quiver, tremor, together they can be understood as: awakening a bridge of reunion between the individual and the universal through the awakening of our vibratory nature. A full program indeed.




 So Yoga Spanda can be seen as an invitation to rediscover, inside and outside of us, the source of enthusiasm, of joy, of freedom, beyond our usual identifications to our mind, emotions and sensations, but rather than denying it, learning to embrace these as tools of exploration. A moment to moment quest of renewal in the Present, in the Now, getting closer to our true nature as a being of light, love and inner stillness. Each workshop, retreat, class is an exploration of this theme of reconnecting with our deeper sense of Self.



For who Yoga Spanda is ?


For everybody who wish to practice yoga not as a mere gymnastic or a kind of acrobatic stretching, but rather as a path leading to more presence, to meditation, to happiness, for those who want to explore how to connect to what is beyond the usual prison of the mind, who wants to really connect with authentic spiritual experiences.


May we all become more and more the expression of Saccha (Truth, Love and Light).


Lokah Samasta, Sukhino Bavanthu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Transalation: May all beings (on all planes of existence) be happy.

Peace ,Peace, Peace.


Manu Akshobhia