Namaste, Here are few links of website to complete the info:


- For all our past activities in France check the following website:


- The Facebook page of  Yoga Spanda to see all the goodies collected on internet about meditation, conscious living.


- The youtube channel of Yoga Spanda. I share there videos, interviews and many other things.



 Some outside references:


- The official website of Prem Baba, the Path of the heart and Awken Love organisation:


- The official website of Guruji Rakjkumar Baswar :


- The Hridaya yoga school in France and in Mexico:


- In Spain, in the Basque country, where we host some workshops and retreats, good address also for healing-massage sessions, yoga for adults and children, please check:


- In Spain, a friend school that host our workshops in the area of Madrid, close to Arena de San Pedro: