What Yoga spanda offers ?



Look up on the Dates for where and when you can find these workshops offered.


If you are interested to share this experience with friends, relatives, you can always contact Yoga Spanda and host such a workshop in a place close by,... We are always looking for new places to visit and plant new seeds of true spiritual opening and silence wherever we get called to.  To get in touch with Yoga Spanda go to Contact.



Here are few of the different types of the workshops - Retreats offered:


Workshops 1 to 7days :

different themes: 

- Chakras workshop

- Yoga Nidra workshop

- Kundalini Workshop

- Intro to meditation workshop

- Open the Heart workshop

- Tantra 1-3 workshops

- Intro to Kashmir Shivaism


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Retreats 1 to 10 days:

Different themes: 

- Open the Heart Silent Retreat

- Consciousness and Bliss

- From soul to Spirit

- Navaratri


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Yoga intensive:

I have been teaching these programs since 2003 intensively, for the moment i'm not teaching them but it may be offered in the future again under different formats:


- from the 1st till 24th month intensive in Agama yoga.

- Teacher training course, 200 to 500 Hours.