Here are few testimonials from participants who attended previous retreats or workshops...



‘I am still full of love after spending a wonderful week with Manu at Shanti Retreat.  His quiet, gentle, persistent presence and leadership allowed my heart to open more fully, and I feel very blessed.  In this world of distraction and speed I take his soft voice saying "slowly, slowly" with me, as the inspiration needed to continue this practice of opening to the Truth.’ Tara from Canada.



‘I really appreciated Manu's approach. He explained things very clearly and developed a retreat that allowed everyone to work at their own level and provided flexibility which made it much less intimidating for newcomers like myself. The retreat challenged me to still the mind (not very successful, but I am headed in the right direction) and I unexpectedly loved not talking for 2 days. The quiet time to think gave me new insights into myself and the impact of past trauma. Gave me a taste of various approaches so that I can explore what is right for me. Thank you.’ Julia from Canada.


‘The authenticity, energy and guidance you provided during the weekend of Yoga Nidra workshop has opened my mind and my heart! I feel a new awareness within that I want to explore and cultivate! I am grateful for the tools and support you have given to help me on this journey!’ Denis from Canada.


‘Manu has a gentle and light hearted way of guiding us to a deep place within. He helps us go beyond our own resistance with a sense of humour, love and loads of patience.  Two days after this retreat I deeply feel the meditative benefits of the Yoga and Yoga Nidra.  I truly feel a new sense of courage to take on things that I may have been shying away from in the past.  I'm so happy I took the time to go to this retreat.’ Susan from Canada.


'The retreat was indeed a revelation for me. It confirmed a few things I was hoping for but it opened many new windows. The yoga nidra sessions, the lectures, Q&As, the new asanas for the chakras, the informal discussions were all high points. Add to that the beautiful setting at Shanti and the rich - yet optional - program and the result was an unforgettable long weekend.' Rasvan.


‘Compassion, divinity, awareness, openness, true love for self, recognition, being, inspiration, and full consciousness are just a few things I  took away from my recent silent meditation retreat guided by Manu. It was profound to say the least. With Manu's gifted ability to guide others in achieving a state of inner stillness I was able to transcend myself into a state of re birth. My heart has been opened for the first time, I feel a lightness of being that I've thus far only read about in books. It is evident with full confidence Manu exudes an inner peace, deep compassion and inner love that enables him to guide ones spiritual journey and open hearts. I have healed in tremendous ways, I have learned in enormous amounts and I am able to continue my healing journey with confidence and peace. I believe what I've been seeking is now seeking me and I am open to the universe in ways unimaginable. May we all be within love, thank you.’ Andrea from Canada.


‘Thank you very much for guiding me in silent meditation. Your explanations of meditative technique, history and tradition was articulate, down to earth and heart-felt. I feel re-connected with something I had forgotten a long time ago.’ Rob from Canada. 


‘Before the wonderful retreat at Shanti on Wolfe Island, I didn't realise my heart was locked "safely" behind the closed door I lovingly constructed named "fear". Manu helped me realise I could unlock that door and let myself be aware, living my life in knowing my true self, freedom, potential, love, bliss... I highly recommend Manu as you journey through meditation and self-discovery! He is a gentle, kind soul freely giving of his knowledge and light.' Miranda Bavdaz, Toronto, Canada.


‘It really brought me back to my heart, the atmosphere and energy Manu is creating is very unique. He gives a soft presence with structure and freedom that allows for your own personal needs. It is very beautiful to be in his devotional energy.' Jaya 


'Working with Manu is like receiving a help from a  sherpa while climbing up a mountain. He helps you to understand all the information about the mountain, the challenges, alternative paths, even why you feel in a certain way at a certain moment during the climb, however it is still you climbing the mountain. With his immense knowledge and experience Manu quenches the thirst of any soul on the quest for remembering the spiritual truth.' Mahir from Turkey.



'A life time experience. I feel more awakened to truth, my heart is burning and I can understand myself much more clearly.' Cisem from Turkey.


'It was a truly wonderful experience for me, and I am so happy that I was able to stay for the 6 days. I found that your approach to both introduce and enhance meditation practices for the retreat participants truly supported our collective energies.  Of course, the beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful food at Shanti also made the retreat unforgettable. As someone relatively new to meditation, I was also much encouraged by your words and feel more confident that "slowly, slowly" I will feel and understand more about how the mind works, helping me to go deeper in my own practice. I appreciated the wide variety of information you shared with us.' Carolyn from Canada.


'My first retreat at Shanti on Wolfe Island was Yoga Nidra which I had never heard of prior to the retreat.  After that weekend, it had seriously changed my life.  Manu was the instructor and he was absolutely phenomenal.  He was such a kind, patient and wise instructor who was always willing to go out of his way to help you through your spiritual journey.  I would definitely recommend Manu in any meditative, yoga and spiritual practice.  He is fantastic!' Dee from Toronto.


'The retreat was extremely well prepared and presented, a wonderful selection of music, deeply inspiring lectures and a mix of efforts and relaxation made it a very beautiful experience.' Anonymous from a retreat in Thailand.


'Ce fût une expérience mémorable pour moi.  Je ne suis pas facile à décrocher de mes pensées ... Mon petit singe est très  actif.  Le yoga nidra m'a permis de faire le vide et de concentrer sur mon bien être.  Je tiens à te remercier pour ces informations.  Les exemples que tu as donnés lors des workshops m'ont certainement aidé à comprendre ce que nous faisions et ce que je devais faire.  La marche silencieuse de dimanche matin m'a donné une impression de beauté naturelle.' Ann from Quebec.


'I felt Humbled and grateful, this retreat has created a shift in me for the rest of my days, mere words do this retreat an injustice.' Anonymous from a retreat in Thailand.


'Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom and your energy in such an enjoyable way with all of us this weekend. I learned so many things; about yoga nidra and about myself. The journey continues! Even if there are peaks and valleys, I'm grateful to be on a path to finding my authentic self. I had a couple of experiences during yoga nidra, I find it hard to articulate, even to myself.' Kathy from Canada.


“I feel so grateful that my first-ever yoga retreat was with you at Shanti. The serene waterfront setting, the delicious food, your super staff, the energy of the other guests and the marvellous Manu all combined to provide an experience I’ll never forget. I learned so much despite sleeping through several nidra sessions, and I’ll take that new knowledge and use it as a spring board. I’m back in Ottawa, feeling inspired and connected to myself in a new way. Thanks again.’ Cindy from Ottawa.