Here is a presentation of the various types of workshops I have been offering in the past in various location. Being more settled now in France, the type of workshops and offerings will change and it will be updated but it can still give you an idea of its content.

Open the Heart: workshop-retreat dedicated to work on the progressive and gentle opening of our Heart, learning to centre ourselves and relax, finding ways to step out of the turbulences of the Mind. Most spiritual paths insist on the prevalence of working on our Heart, developing love and kindness, compassion for ourselves, others and nature. This is more than ever important in today’s modern society in order to heal ourselves and the world around us and reintegrate harmony at all levels in our life. 

To help this process, we’ll work on our energy centres and subtle bodies through some yoga practice, including warming exercises, postures for the different energy centres, specific gentle breathing techniques, deep relaxation sessions. The yoga classes will focus mostly on the Heart, with a specific attention on respecting our body. Additionally to this, we’ll use the group energy to amplify the work on the Heart with circle group meditation, with movements meditation, with special Yoga Nidra sessions and meditation sessions with the Spiritual Heart techniques to help to synthesise and crystallise this work. This process will be supported by small lectures that will help us to increase our awareness, to recognise what is preventing us to really go in this space of the Heart and its stillness, to understand the way the Mind is functioning, what can help us to calm down and center ourselves, and how to integrate this recognition in our daily life inspired from the path of the Heart of Prem Baba and various traditional teachings.




Yoga Nidra:  is most commonly understood as a technique for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, it is indeed a very helpful tool while practiced during the day to  increase creativity, awareness, to reconnect with ourselves and regain balance in our daily life. But this yogic science goes well beyond this, enabling us to remember and use more consciously our dreams, getting guidances from a better understanding of their meanings, to pass through the stages of sleep with more awareness, and ultimately to experience what is called super-conscious states, going beyond the limitations of our mind. Based on Indian and Tibetan yogic teachings and incorporating modern psychology, this workshop is highly informative and interactive, and will offer you practical tools for transforming your night’s rest into a spiritual opportunity.



7 Chakras: discover the esoteric background of the chakras and the subtle bodies according to the Tantric tradition of India and Tibet. What are the chakras, what is the polarity of energy ? How do they work and how do they relate to our levels of consciousness?This workshop combines fascinating theory with everyday examples of how to better understand ourselves and others through the prism of the psychology of the chakras and how to open and harness the energies of the Universe. Explore the chakras through a nice combination of Hatha yoga, Yoga nidra (deep relaxation process), pranayama (yogic breathing technique), trataka (concentration technique), meditation with music, with sounds and movements. Learn yogic techniques for awakening and balancing your subtle centres, the bridge between matter and spirit in a playful, relaxed and yogic way.




 5 elements and 5 bodies: A fascinating journey through the knowledge and practices on the 5 elements and the 5 bodies with the support of the Tantric tradition of India and Tibet. We gonna explore and purify the 5 elements and the 5 bodies with the help of easy yoga-asanas, breathing, movements, sounds, mantras, concentration, various meditations techniques, yoga nidra. The workshop will also bring the understanding of the path of the Heart of Prem Baba helping us to develop more awareness on what prevent us to live with an open Heart, awakening more presence and the awareness of the Spiritual Heart. This workshop is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners. Each will find information and practice that will help them to deepen their work according to their own level. 


Kundalini: all spiritual experiences are connected with the awakening of Kundalini Shakti.  Kundalini is our potential energy, its awakening is essential to all spiritual growth and there is no real progress in spirituality that does not include this process, if it is understood or not.

This workshop will introduce you to the realm of Kundalini Shakti, the great creative energy. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your spiritual practice, whatever it is: yoga, meditation, prayer,... It is also a great support if you are healer, artist, awakening the kundalini is ultimately awakening your divine nature, your ability to connect with truth, your intuition... You will be introduced to different techniques and tools to activate Kundalini, including an initiation in a long mantra used in Japa (repetition of a Sanskrit formula) that will help to activate this sacred power in a safe and progressive way, with the support of a genuine lineage from the Indian Tantric tradition. There will also be a special yoga class connected to the more direct activation of Kundalini as well as some simple techniques to stabilise the activation, including in some occasion a spiritual fire ceremony (a yagna).


- Kashmir Shivaism Intro: This workshop is an opportunity to explore different forms of meditation: static, in movement, with visualisation, with breath awareness, with postures,... The practice of meditation is more than ever important in today’s modern society in order to reconnect with our true self, to harmonise our connection with the world around us and to help us to reintegrate all levels of our life. The meditation practices taught will be from the teaching of Kashmir Shivaism. Kashmir Shivaism is one of the most fascinating and complete approaches of spirituality till today, originated from India, it had its peak influence from 7th to the 15th century. Its practices are leading towards a non dual embrace of reality by using our life situations to create more presence, more centring. The beauty of this approach is rather than limiting spiritual practice to one that we do at a specific time of the day for a certain laps of time, it takes it to another dimension, by using things that may appear trivial and transforming them into endless possibilities for meditation and awakening to Spirit.

We will step into this fascinating path through the exploration of several forms of meditation: various meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava (a classical treatise from the tradition of Kashmir introducing 112 different forms of meditation) and tandava (form of spontaneous movements meditation).

Along with the practice we’ll explore few major ideas that are at the core of the practice of Kashmir Shivaism such as Spanda (how to acknowledge and develop the awareness on our vibratory nature and use it as a bridge to Union), Bhavana (to cultivate enthusiasm and imagination as a door to the divine), Samyama (how to make more conscious use of the process of identification, the key of all genuine spiritual opening).


We also practice some gentle yoga asanas bringing the awareness to the flow of energy in the chakras, then opening it to the all body and centring our awareness towards our spine and shushumna nadi. ‘The one who rediscovers this essential sacred tremor of consciousness (spanda) escapes the confusion of limited desire.’ Ksemaraja, Spandakarika.